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Farrah is currently featuring on the Gold Council Website and can be seen on the television in the Bought By Many campaign, She recently featured in an online campaign for Japanese Skincare brand Shiseido.


Farrah can also been seen in 2020 "Unwrap the magic of Christmas" O2 Christmas Advert - see bottom left or click here.

Farrah loves improvisation. She's currently on the Beyond Harold Improv class  at the Free Association, the The First American-Style Long-Form Improv Theatre in the UK.

Farrah's interests include standup comedy - she performed her first set in December 2021 and was awarded audience choice. Her next set is on 31 January at The Cavendish Arms.

Her inspirations on stage and screen include Martin Scorcese, Davivd Lynch, Ronnie Chieng, Dave Chapelle, Jade Novah, Tiffany Haddish, Richard Prior, Woody Allen, Trevor Noah, Donald Glover, Tracey Ellis Ross and Ali Wong.

Farrah is represented for commercials by Rob at Branded Talent, for anything else contact her here.

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