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A story lover and teller. 

Farrah can be seen performing improv and standup comedy in various London venues.

Her most recent shortform editing "Viscera" won "Best Dance Film" at Aesthetica Short Film Festival. 

A Winter Love", edited by Farrah is currently on the festival circuit. It is an independent feature film about intertribal love directed by Rhiana Yazzie.  

A testament to her creative talent and boundless energy, Farrah independently curates all content (music and pictures) in her recipe channel Beats Rhymes and Spice which can be found here

Farrah studied Maths with Management at UCL (University College London),  whilst she should have been studying Maths, she won a National Student TV Award for her first documentary about pirate radio in London.

Farrah graduated from the London Film School in with an MA in Filmmaking on scholarship in 2007 with her graduation documentary "I'm A Muslim Get Me Out of Here" featuring Sadiq Khan. 












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